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El Salvador

El Salvador’s Young People Are Killing, Dying, and Running

No single group has been more tragically impacted by El Salvador's gang war than the young. Preyed on at school and in their barrios, many families seek to send them to the United States but this is getting more difficult and dangerous to do.
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crime & drugs

Are El Salvador's Murderous Gangs the Voice of the Oppressed? They Think So

El Salvador's civil war ended in 1992 and the former leftist guerrillas are now in government leading a crackdown against gangs. Some gang leaders claim that they now occupy the void those guerrillas left behind.
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The Neverending War in El Salvador

As El Salvador's gang war reaches it's deadliest heights, the government has decided to meet violence with violence.
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Meet the Poet Who Fled for Her Life After Protesting Against Burundi's President

Ketty Nivyabandi was a Burundian citizen, poet, and writer before President Pierre Nkurunziza's decided to run for a controversial, and possibly illegal, third term in office. She led protests against his move, and is now living in exile.
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crime & drugs

Meet Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, the Man Who Runs America's Largest Mental Healthcare Provider

When Sheriff Dart took over the Cook County Jail, he didn’t expect that he would eventually be responsible for administering what has become the largest mental healthcare provider in the country.
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asia & pacific

Upcoming Myanmar Elections Threatened by Midnight Inspections

A law that requires overnight guests to be registered with Myanmar authorties may be used to crack down on activists and opposition in the fall elections.
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middle east

'Welcome to Stalingrad. Welcome to Kobane': Inside the Syrian Town Under Siege by the Islamic State

A mad dash across the closed Turkish border brought VICE News to the majority Kurdish town of Kobane, where YPG militia have been fighting off the jihadists for more than three months.
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Islamic State

In Photos: 48 Hours Under Siege by Islamic State Militants In Kobane

VICE News entered the besieged Syrian Kurdish city of Kobane as it was preparing to enter its 100th day of fighting a fierce siege by the Islamic State.
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The Dirty Laundry Issue

Disease Without Borders: On the Front Lines of the Fight Against Ebola

Liberia is woefully unprepared to deal with the logistics necessary to stop the spread of the disease.
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Left to Die: Liberia's Ebola Victims Have Nowhere to Turn as Treatment Centers Overflow

The fragile health system is collapsing under the weight of the epidemic, leaving the infected begging for help at clinic gates
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'Things in Ferguson Are Going to Change — For Real'

We spent several days with two young men in Ferguson who believe Michael Brown's death will alter the status quo. But so much history indicates otherwise.
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Seized Islamic State Laptop Reveals Research Into Weaponizing the Bubonic Plague

A computer recovered from an Islamic State fighter after he apparently fled a battle in Syria contained information about biological weapons.
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