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You Can’t Boycott a Monopoly

The #StopProfitForHate is a noble campaign, but Facebook won’t permanently change unless we break its monopoly.
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This Map Crowdsources Police Brutality Data

They’re hoping to help shed light on police violence nationwide.
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Uber’s New Strategy: Buy Unprofitable Companies, ???, Profit

Uber's new strategy is just like its old one. Make its money-losing business bigger by buying other money-losing businesses like Postmates.
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California Police Are Using Copyright to Hide Surveillance Documents

California police are refusing to release documents about the surveillance technology it uses, despite a new law that requires their release.
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Twitter’s Covid Misinformation Filter Was So Broken It Became a Meme

For a few hours, every single tweet mentioning 5G or oxygen was labeled misinformation.
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Police and Big Tech Are Partners in Crime. We Need to Abolish Them Both

Silicon Valley has made billions of dollars empowering the police by pitching surveillance and data analysis technology as unbiased. It’s not.
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Data Rights

Andrew Yang's Data Dividend Isn't Radical, It's Useless

Yang's Data Dividend Project aims to put a little money in Americans' pockets in exchange for their data, but experts say it will likely be ineffectual and entrench existing power dynamics.
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george floyd protests

1,600 Google Employees Demand No Tech for Police

"We, the undersigned Googlers, call on you to stop making our technology available to police forces."
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The Coddling of the American Pundit

Commentators think the George Floyd protests have vindicated their weird obsession with American campus culture. But they’re simply anxious about the delegitimization of power and privilege.
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‘Defund the Police’ Actually Means Defunding the Police

Reformist initiatives like '8 Can't Wait' have already failed. Here's what you need to know about defunding and abolishing the police.
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Brave: Corporations Stand In Solidarity With the Communities They Exploit

Amazon, which provides the technical backbone of ICE and plotted to smear a fired Black organizer, says it 'stands in solidarity with the Black community' in the 'fight against racism and injustice.' And that's just the beginning.
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When It's Not Busy Disappearing Protesters, Chicago Is Advertising for Uber

In the middle of an uprising, Chicago hopes you’ll choose Uber for your transportation needs.
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