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How Pornhub Enables Doxing and Harassment

Pornhub is hosting videos that have been viewed hundreds of millions of times. The women in them say they thought the videos would never reach the internet, and that being doxed has ruined their lives.
Samantha Cole
Emanuel Maiberg
Games News

How to Run 'Doom' on an NES

With a clever bit of modding the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System from 1983 can run a 3D FPS from 1993.
Emanuel Maiberg

I'd Rather Buy a Samsung Rip Off of a MacBook Than an Actual MacBook

Samsung's Notebook 7 and Notebook 7 Force are clearly copying Apple's MacBooks. Good!
Emanuel Maiberg

How to Use a Mouse and Keyboard on PS4 or Xbox One

The XIM Apex can be the only way for disabled people to play console video games, and there's lots of other reasons anyone might want to use a mouse and keyboard on console.
Emanuel Maiberg

Is Using a Mouse and Keyboard on Consoles Cheating?

Many players think the XIM Apex is an undetectable cheating device that's ruining video games. For some people with motor disabilities, it's the only way they can play.
Emanuel Maiberg

A Secret Server for the Dead MMO 'City of Heroes' Has Players in an Uproar

When copyright law prevented the devoted 'City of Heroes' community from playing its favorite game, the community created its own solution, and a lot of drama.
Emanuel Maiberg
Video Games

'Anthem' Is a Hot Mess

Three big reasons why BioWare's online mech shooter still feels like it's fighting the player just days before its February 22 wide release.
Jordan Pearson
Emanuel Maiberg

Nintendo Makes It Clear that Piracy Is the Only Way to Preserve Video Game History

By shutting down the Wii Store Channel and not letting users download old games, Nintendo is once again showing that in the modern digital era, you don’t actually own the things you buy.
Karl Bode
Emanuel Maiberg

'Metroid Prime 4' Development 'Restarting,' Nintendo Says in Video Apology

Retro Studios, the team behind the previous Metroid Prime games, is now working on the game.
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government shutdown

We Are Living in the Begging Economy

The government shutdown is highlighting what is already a reality for many of us: Using the internet to beg for money we need to survive.
Emanuel Maiberg

I Love the Ugly Gamer Laptops of CES

CES 2019 is the Paris Fashion Week for the gamer aesthetic.
Emanuel Maiberg

'Overwatch' Esports Pro Says 'Probably 20 Players' Use Adderall in the Official League

"imagine if it was illegal to completely use adderall, they'd be so fucked."
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