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The Pantheon of Games

Fanfic: A Hero's Rest Before The Storm

The Champion of Hyrule has a lot on his plate, but an unlikely friend thinks he should just take some time for himself.
Kate Gray
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A Game That's Brutally Honest About Sexism in Tech

Elizabeth Sampat's '8 Vignettes from the Tech Industry' is a very real meditation from a woman working in games and tech.
Kate Gray
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The 'Super Hexagon' Creator Invites You to Play With Infinite Skeletons

I'd like some more skulls, please!
Kate Gray
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Who Is a Good Dog? The Answer Will Shock You in This Tiny Game

Self-Care Jam has just finished its second year of existence, and it’s just as much of a breath of fresh air as it was during its debut in 2016.
Kate Gray
A Mortician's Tale

A Game That Finds Comfort in the Banality of Death

'A Mortician's Tale' is a game that lets you go behind the curtain of funerals.
Kate Gray
narrative games

This Game About Domestic Abuse Helped Me Understand My Own Trauma

'Another Lost Phone' looks long and hard at what we think of as "acceptable" behavior. CW for domestic abuse.
Kate Gray
Assasins Creed

The New Assassin's Creed Will Have a Tourist Mode and So Should Other Games

The newly announced Discovery Tour Mode in 'Assassin's Creed: Origins' will act like an enhanced photo mode.
Kate Gray

'Pikuniku' Turns a Wild Imagination Into a Great Playset

You'll be surprised at how many random whims and dark impulses this charming little side-scroller shares with you.
Kate Gray
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A Post-Apocalypse Game About Witnessing The Past And Present Simultaneously

'Like Roots In The Soil' is something new in a dusty genre.
Kate Gray
tiny worlds

Tiny Worlds in Games Offer Us an Escape from the Big One

Little worlds and miniatures give us the illusion of control in an out-of-control time.
Kate Gray
Jackbox Party Pack

'Drawful' Shows How Witty Humor Can Prevail Over Shock

It feels better to be the funniest person in the room than the 'edgiest.'
Kate Gray
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Nicky Case's New Game Examines Why We Should all Stop Being Such Bastards

It's time for some (real) game theory.
Kate Gray