Lucian Constantin

Lucian Constantin is a contributing writer for Motherboard. He is based in Romania and has been covering computer security and the hacker culture for nearly a decade. His work has appeared in many technology publications including Forbes, PCWorld, Computerworld, CSO, The Inquirer, The New Stack and Softpedia. He has a bachelor's degree in political science, but he's been passionate about computers and cybersecurity from an early age. Before dedicating himself to a career in journalism, he worked as a system and network administrator. He enjoys attending security conferences, talking to technical people and delving into interesting research papers. 

You can reach him at or @lconstantin on Twitter.
Lucian's PGP key's fingerprint is: 7A66 4901 5CDA 844E 8C6D 04D5 2BB4 6332 FC52 6D42

The Weakest Link

How to Securely Get Rid of Your Devices

How to clean out that drawer of old phones, laptops, and hard drives without having to worry about someone getting their hands on your data.
Lucian Constantin

After More Than a Decade, Wi-Fi Security Finally Gets a Major Update

WPA3 promises better authentication, stronger encryption and protection for open networks.
Lucian Constantin

How to Protect Your Home Router from Attacks

A comprehensive guide for choosing and setting up secure Wi-Fi.
Lucian Constantin

Researchers Hack Car Infotainment System and Find Sensitive User Data Inside

Contacts, call logs, text messages and other information from paired phones was stored unencrypted.
Lucian Constantin
Internet of Shit

Researchers Find Flaw That Could Turn LG Robot Vacuums Into Perfect Spying Machines

The bug is just the latest in a long, seemingly endless list of flaws found in so-called smart devices.
Lucian Constantin

Hackers Distribute Malware-Infected Media Player to Hundreds of Mac Users

Yet another software supply-chain attack hits popular applications.
Lucian Constantin

KRACK For Dummies

What you need to know to protect yourself from the new KRACK Wi-Fi attack.
Lucian Constantin

Some MacOS Users Aren't Getting the Firmware Security Patches They Think They Have

Do you know if your Mac's low-level firmware is up to date with the latest patches? You might not be able to, researchers say.
Lucian Constantin

What Is a 'Supply Chain Attack?'

A dangerous threat that takes advantage of the inherent trust between users and their software providers is a growing trend.
Lucian Constantin
high sierra

MacOS Keychain Theft Issue Shows You Can’t Just Trust Apple to Keep You Secure

Even if you install the latest OS update, security is never a guarantee so take appropriate measures, researcher says.
Lucian Constantin
Internet Insecurity

Researchers Find Vulnerability in Smart Home Control Apps

Apps used to control Wink Hub and Insteon Hub are vulnerable—the Internet of Hackable things rears its head once again.
Lucian Constantin
Internet Insecurity

Researchers Link CCleaner Hack to Cyberespionage Group

Experts believe a state-sponsored hacker was behind the attack, which affected 2.2 million people.
Lucian Constantin