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'You're Scumbags': We Went to the GOP's Annual Confab and Had a Nice Chat With Seb Gorka

He's just one of the fringe-right conservatives dominating CPAC this year who have no use for mainstream media.
Matt Laslo
15 hours ago

Lawmakers Fear Trump's Making Coronavirus Worse

The president doesn't seem to have any idea how much to spend fighting the virus.
Matt Laslo
2 days ago

Post-Acquittal Trump Really Is Democrats' Worst Nightmare

“We're going to be strategizing and doing everything possible to protect democracy.”
Matt Laslo
state of the union

Trump's State of the Union Was His Best Campaign Rally Yet

“Four more years, four more years, four more years,” the president’s supporters chanted before he launched into his address.
Matt Laslo

Trump's Wild Week: Impeachment Collides With the State of the Union. Oh, and Iowa Is Happening.

It's going to be an intense week in Washington.
Matt Laslo

Chief Justice John Roberts Has a Big Decision to Make About Impeachment

But what does he really believe?
Matt Laslo
John Bolton

It Sure Looks Like McConnell's Losing the Battle to Stop Bolton's Testimony

Some Republican senators are wavering — and not just the usual suspects.
Matt Laslo

These GOP Moderates Suddenly Sound Like They'll Subpoena Bolton

“The reporting on John Bolton strengthens the case for witnesses. It has prompted a lot of conversations among my colleagues,” Sen. Susan Collins told VICE News.
Cameron Joseph
Matt Laslo

Adam Schiff Pulled a Ton of Witnesses into Trump’s Impeachment Trial. They’re Just on Video.

Schiff & Co. unloaded around 50 video clips on Wednesday alone — about three times as many as were shown in 1999 when former President Clinton was impeached.
Greg Walters
Matt Laslo
gun control

The Reason Republicans Won't Even Vote on the Violence Against Women Act

For years the law was bipartisan, but then Democrats tried to close the "boyfriend loophole."
Matt Laslo

Trump’s Impeachment Is Headed for a Partisan Trainwreck in the Senate

“What Mitch McConnell did was just morally outrageous,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio.
Matt Laslo

Here's How Fast Democrats Want to Impeach Trump

Some Democrats want to get it done before the end of the year. Others want to battle the White House for more witnesses.
Matt Laslo