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Palestinian Hunger Strike

The Palestinian prison hunger strike hints at a leadership power struggle

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Israel warns it will destroy Syria's air defense if they dare to attack Israeli jets again

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Israel's Tense Trip to Bosnia

The Israeli national soccer team traveled to play in a country with a large muslim population for the first time in more than a decade. Predictably, security was a major issue.
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La Familia, the Hate Group that Influences One of Israel's Top Soccer Teams

Beitar Jerusalem is one of Israel's best soccer teams and their biggest fan group's anti-Muslim and anti-Arab stance is becoming part of the team's identity.
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Palestine, the IRA, and a Soccer Team's Solidarity

Scotland's most successful soccer club has a long history of supporting Palestine. The roots of that solidarity go back to the nation's defining struggle.
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The Dilemma of the Israeli Soccer Player In Europe

A wave of anti-semitic terrorism in Europe has forced Israeli soccer players to reconsider their future playing in some of Europe's top leagues.
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Will Israel Ruin a Golden Generation of Israeli-Arab Soccer Stars?

A wave of Israeli-Arab soccer players has the makings of a golden generation, but will Israel allow them to reach their potential?
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The Arab-Israeli Conflict is Playing out on the Pitch

Israel's only soccer team based in an Israeli-Arab city will play host to Beitar Jerusalem, and its far right ultras "La Familia" on Sunday.
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