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Why Trump Can't Strip NBC's Broadcast Licenses

“You basically have to kill someone or be a child sex predator to lose your broadcast license."
Sam Gustin

Internet Activists Urge Congress to Fire Trump's FCC Chief Ajit Pai

Democratic senators are showing a remarkable display of opposition.
Sam Gustin
Life of Pai

The Comment Period Is Over, But the Battle for Net Neutrality Ain't Done Yet

Activists are gearing up for a lengthy court battle, and public outrage may force the FCC to punt the issue to Congress.
Sam Gustin

Liberals and Conservatives Attack TV Merger That Would Let Pro-Trump Media Dominate Local News

"This is not the Soviet Union: Americans deserve a meaningful choice in their local news," a lawmaker said of the proposed Sinclair-Tribune merger.
Sam Gustin
the fcc

Democrats Ask FCC Why It's Helping a Pro-Trump Media Company Consolidate Power

Critics say Trump’s FCC is trying to help a pro-Trump media company grow larger.
Sam Gustin

The FCC Is Using an Obsolete Loophole to Help a Pro-Trump Media Company Take Over Local TV

Sinclair Broadcast Group will soon be able to reach 72 percent of all American households.
Sam Gustin
Open Internet

Democratic Lawmakers Blast Trump’s FCC for ‘Anti-Consumer’ Agenda

Trump’s FCC chief Ajit Pai was in the hot seat Tuesday on Capitol Hill.
Sam Gustin
Internet Showdown

Tech vs. Telecom: Closing Arguments in Net Neutrality Battle

It’s a clash of corporate titans over the future of internet governance.
Sam Gustin
Opening Salvo

After Net Neutrality 'Day of Action,' Internet Activists Face a Tough Fight Ahead

Trump’s FCC chief Ajit Pai is a longtime agency official who is unaccountable to voters.
Sam Gustin
Day of Action

Net Neutrality Activists Launch Massive ‘Day of Action’ to Protest Trump’s FCC

An online show of force opposing the FCC’s plan to dismantle net neutrality protections.
Sam Gustin
Popular Opinion

Most Americans Support the Net Neutrality Rules that Trump’s FCC Wants to Kill

New poll finds strong bipartisan backing for the FCC’s 2015 net neutrality safeguards.
Sam Gustin

Trump’s FCC Under Pressure Over Net Neutrality Comment ‘Irregularities’

Lawmakers want more answers about suspicious net neutrality comment activity.
Sam Gustin