Samantha Cole

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New Deepfake Method Can Put Words In Anyone's Mouth

The new method makes a deepfake video from an audio source.
Samantha Cole
2 days ago
cda 230

Online Whiz Kid Joe Biden Thinks We Should Trash a Crucial Law for the Internet

Joe Biden's big idea about repealing CDA Section 230 worries some internet activists.
Samantha Cole
3 days ago

This Company Made a 'Cute' AI Lawyer to Deploy 'Information Warfare' for Divorced Men

The creators of "Justine Falcon" are bringing a class action lawsuit to California Superior Court, with the help of an artificially-intelligent avatar of a stereotypical female lawyer.
Samantha Cole
girls do porn Is Finally Offline

The main subscription website for Girls Do Porn is down, as its owner Michael Pratt remains a wanted fugitive of the FBI.
Samantha Cole

FBI Says Girls Do Porn Founder Is a Wanted Fugitive

The owner of Girls Do Porn is a wanted fugitive and now faces extradition back to the U.S.
Samantha Cole

Escalating Tensions With Iran Leads Porn Subreddit Mod to Ban Republicans

One moderator of several big porn subreddits is banning Trump supporters and Republicans.
Samantha Cole

Facebook Takes a Stand on Political Deepfakes, a Problem That Doesn't Exist

A newly-released policy states that Facebook will remove algorithmically-generated media that intends to mislead viewers.
Samantha Cole

Sex Workers Are Raising Hundreds of Thousands to Fight Australia’s Bushfires, One Nude at a Time

These women are selling nudes in exchange for proof of donation to fire relief efforts in Australia.
Samantha Cole

How to Take Your Twitter Feed Back From the Algorithm

A reminder for the new year: You can use these muted strings to force Twitter to be better.
Samantha Cole
girls do porn

Girls Do Porn Has to Pay Millions in Damages for Coercing Women Into Porn

The owners of Girls Do Porn, who lied about how the videos were going to be shared, have to pay 22 women more than $12.7 million.
Samantha Cole

Public Domain Day 2020: These 95-Year-Old Works Are Now Free to Use

In the US, everything copyrighted by artists and authors in 1924 is entered into the public domain as of January 1, 2020.
Samantha Cole

How Hackers Are Breaking Into Ring Cameras

After a hacker broke into a Ring camera in Tennessee and spoke to a child, Motherboard found hackers have made dedicated software for gaining access.
Joseph Cox
Samantha Cole