Samantha Cole

defund the police

This Tool Lets You Email All of Your City's Elected Officials With One Click opens an email template addressed to all of your city's elected officials, to demand they vote to defund the police.
Samantha Cole
2 days ago
revenge porn

A 'Tribute' Porn Community Targeted a 14-Year-Old YouTuber

On a forum devoted to ejaculating on photos of women, YouTubers are a popular category.
Samantha Cole
4 days ago
Social Media

The #BlackOutTuesday Instagram Meme Is Silencing Black Voices

People are calling for a stop to the co-opting of the Black Lives Matter hashtag for a performative Instagram meme.
Samantha Cole
4 days ago

YouTube Is Full Of Scams Promising Free OnlyFans Content

Instructional videos for gaining access to "OnlyFans Premium" content are spreading on YouTube.
Samantha Cole

Casio Used a Copyright Claim to Wipe This Hacker’s Calculator Mod Off the Internet

After a DMCA takedown request, Github and YouTube removed this calculator hack from the web.
Samantha Cole
sex work

Sex Workers Say a New Bill to Stop Child Exploitation Doesn't Go Far Enough

The Invest in Child Safety Act could be a good alternative to EARN IT, but some sex worker advocacy groups say it doesn't focus on the right things.
Samantha Cole

Viacom Forced Internet Archive to Remove Hundreds of Hours of MTV Broadcasts

A copyright takedown request from MTV's parent company asked the Internet Archive to remove the collection of videos spanning from 1981 to 1991.
Samantha Cole

This 'Bug's Life' Fleshlight Could Be Yours for Just $2,000

An Austin-based artist made a Fleshlight that looks like the cute caterpillar Heimlich from A Bug's Life.
Samantha Cole

Twitch Roulette Connects You With Endlessly Random Streamers

In Twitch Roulette, you're dropped into streamers' rooms with no other viewers, to break out of the usual rut.
Samantha Cole

UwU, This Website Generates New Fursonas Using AI

Watch a hypnotizing stream of non-existent, AI-generated fursonas on this new site.
Samantha Cole

YouTube Removed a Sex Tech Conference for No Reason

The Women of Sex Tech conference, which moved online due to coronavirus, was banned by YouTube at the last minute.
Samantha Cole
girls do porn

Girls Do Porn Owners Pretended to Be Journalists to Harass Their Victims

A document detailing what the FBI found in a search of a Girls Do Porn office alleges that the owners were planning to flee the country and release fake porn in order to harass the women suing the company.
Samantha Cole