Steve Hindy

How Britain's Tax Laws Are Hurting the UK's Craft Beer Scene

Thanks to one of the craziest beer excise taxes in the world, craft brewers in the UK are being held back and the English pub, an icon of the culture, is dying at an alarming rate.
Steve Hindy
Craft Beer

Nepal's Craft Beer Movement Is Rising in the Aftermath of Earthquakes

After last year's devastating earthquake hit Nepal, an unexpected craft beer scene began emerging across the country. I headed to Katmandu to explore what's going on in the beer scene and trek through the Himalayas, and what I discovered was...
Steve Hindy
Saudi Arabia

How Illegal Homebrewing in Teetotaling Saudi Arabia Changed My Life

I am the founder of The Brooklyn Brewery, but I owe my success in the beer business to an unlikely country, Saudi Arabia, where people have been publicly whipped and sometimes beheaded for producing and selling alcoholic beverages.
Steve Hindy

Detroit Ice Cream Man and Alleged Murderer of Irish Soldiers Faces Deportation

I was with the ill-fated UN peacekeeping patrol in Lebanon on April 18, 1980, when they were abducted by Mahmoud Bazzi and a group of militiamen from the Israeli-supported South Lebanon Army.
Steve Hindy

Decades After UN Peacekeepers' Murders, the Search for Justice Continues

I recently wrote a story for VICE about Mahmoud Bazzi, the man who abducted me and a UN peacekeeping officer 34 years ago in Beirut. He executed two other Irish UN...
Steve Hindy
The Horse Is a Horse of Course of Course Issue

Between Beirut and a Hard Place

Thirty-four years ago, on April 18, 1980, I was with a United Nations Peacekeeping patrol that was abducted in south Lebanon. The kidnappers released me after a couple hours, but they tortured and killed two Irish UN peacekeepers who had accompanied me...
Steve Hindy