2 days ago

California Just Became the First State to Require Public Colleges to Provide Abortions

Medication abortion must be available on campus starting in January 2023.

3 days ago

The Abortion Doctor Who Kept Fetal Remains at His House Had More in His Car

They were medically preserved in five plastic bags and one box, inside one of the eight cars that the doctor kept on a property there.

4 days ago

Anti-Abortion Lawmakers Want the State to Know Everything About Your Abortion

Dozens of states require abortion providers to submit data that's not necessary for public health purposes. Experts say the requirements intimidate patients and providers, and could even be used to criminalize abortion.

4 days ago

Why Abortion Foes Are Psyched About the New Supreme Court Case

“We’ve been waiting on this.”

4 days ago

2,200 Fetal Remains Were Found at This Dead Doctor’s House. The GOP Plans to Use Him to Undo Abortion Rights.

Republicans want to use Ulrich Klopfer to push for a national "fetal burial" law.


She Wanted An Abortion. Feds Say Her Ex Threatened to Bomb the Clinic.

Court documents show a South Carolina man has been hit with federal charges for interfering with reproductive health care.


The Supreme Court Just Agreed to Hear Its First Major Abortion Case Since Kavanaugh

The case could chip away at Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide.


The Abortion Law That Could Have Given Fetuses Legal Rights Just Got Blocked

The Georgia law was set to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2020.


The Ban on Abortion for Low-Income People Is Now a Litmus Test for Congress

People have started calling out Democratic members of Congress for supporting the Hyde Amendment.


CNN and MSNBC Are Taking Abortion Talking Points from Fox News

A new analysis shows that lies that start on Fox News get repeated on other networks.


Almost 40 Percent of Abortions Are Now Done With Pills

Experts say the number would be even higher if the FDA loosened its restrictions on medication abortion.