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My Abortion Was the Most Positive Experience I Had with Canadian Healthcare

I had expected the procedure to be fraught with difficulty, given the experiences of many women. I proved to be the exception.
Amy Kenny

The UK Will Finally Vote to Decriminalize Abortion Today

Under archaic Victorian laws, women can face criminal charges if they obtain an abortion without the permission of two doctors. A vote in Parliament could change all that.
Sirin Kale
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New Website Offering Abortion Pills Online Launches in the US

Aid Access lets patients buy abortion pills online and administer them themselves without having to see a doctor in-person.
Marie Solis
reproductive rights

California Colleges May Soon Be Required to Provide Abortion Pill on Campus

It can be prohibitively hard for college students to access abortion care. A bill being heard in Senate committee today would change that for students at California public universities.
Kimberly Lawson

I Ordered 20 Abortion Pill Packs from the Internet to Test If They're Real

Numerous online drug-sellers say they sell the abortion pill—but what are women actually getting when they order it? I decided to find out.
Chloe Murtagh

Even with Universal Healthcare, DIY Abortions Are on the Rise in the UK

Abortion is legal and free to access through the NHS in most of the UK, but new research suggests that vulnerable women are being forced to seek other options.
Sirin Kale

Taking the Abortion Pill Without Visiting a Doctor Is Totally Safe, Study Finds

In the US, women are forced to take the abortion pill in the presence of a healthcare provider. A new study of 1000 women who received the pill in the mail suggests the regulations aren't neccessary to make sure the procedure safe and effective.
Gabby Bess

The Abortion Pill was Supposed to Revolutionize Abortion Access. What Happened?

The abortion pill is safe and easy—and it could give American women unprecedented reproductive autonomy. Its political opponents have spent over a decade ensuring this doesn't happen.
Gabby Bess

Letters from Women Pleading for Abortion, Sent in 1917, Mirror Emails Sent Today

In the early 1900s, desperate American women wrote letters to the founder of Planned Parenthood begging for help with unwanted pregnancies. A century later, they're sending eerily similar messages to an international abortion-by-mail service.
Callie Beusman

The Activists Fighting to Legalize DIY Abortions

As reproductive healthcare becomes increasingly inaccessible in America, more and more women are taking matters into their own hands—and some activists think they should be allowed to do so free of punishment.
Kimberly Lawson

Ohio's Abortion Pill Restrictions Literally Made Women Sick, Study Finds

In 2011, Ohio Republicans passed a law requiring abortion providers to follow outdated requirements for the abortion pill. As a result, women needed additional treatment, incurred higher costs, and were nearly twice as likely to experience side effects.
Kimberly Lawson
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The FDA Just Made It a Lot Easier to Get an Abortion

The updated FDA label for the abortion pill Mifeprex requires fewer doctors visits, provides a lower dosage, and gives women more time to use the pill.
Helen Donahue