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Facebook’s War on Ad Blockers Isn’t Over Yet

Both sides keep one-upping each other in this arms race.
Nathaniel Mott
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Facebook Claims Moral Imperative In Fight Against Ad Blockers

Facebook isn’t hurting for ad revenue, but instead wants to take a moral stand against the use of ad blockers.
Nicholas Deleon

Adblockers Are Winning Because Content Is All the Same

One of the hardest problems to solve in the War on Adblockers is the fact that readers no longer identify with publications.
Carles Buzz

Ad Blocker-Blocking Websites Might Be Violating European Privacy Laws

Here's the thing about blocking ad-blockers...
Janus Rose

Rise of Ad Blocking Is the Ad Industry's Fault, Says Outgoing FTC Commissioner

Julie Brill says consumers are ‘taking matters into their own hands’ after the ad industry crippled the ill-fated Do Not Track program.
Janus Rose
Motherboard Blog

Sorry, Ad-Blocking Will Not Be Built Into Microsoft Edge

Contrary to earlier reports, the default web browser for Windows 10 will not be able to block ads right out of the gate.
Nicholas Deleon
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How Online Advertisers Will Guilt Trip You Into Disabling Your Ad-Blocker

Online advertisers are proposing a truce of sorts between publishers and people who use ad-blockers.
Nicholas Deleon
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You Don’t Have to Be a Privacy Wonk to Appreciate Ghostery 6.0

In an exclusive interview with Motherboard, the team behind Ghostery explains how it re-designed its browser extension for a more mainstream audience.
Nicholas Deleon
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Browsers Are Starting to Block Ads by Default

On Asus’s browser, AdBlock Plus will be “baked-in.”
Rachel Pick

One Website Is Using Humor to Get Its Users to Turn Off Adblock

The Vengabus is coming.
Rachel Pick
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AdBlock Plus Will No Longer Decide Which Ads to Let Through

The company is handing the privilege off to a committee.
Nicholas Deleon
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Can Google's Micropayments Save Sites from Ad Blockers?

Google Contributor offers one way to spread anywhere from $2 to $10 a month between the sites you support.
Clinton Nguyen