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What I Learned from Debating Animal Farmers Online

As a vegan, I was personally attacked by some farmers, but many attempted to actually teach me something.
Jessica Scott-Reid

Why People Hate Vegans, According to Vegans

“I've seen way too many Holocaust and slavery comparisons.”
Manisha Krishnan

Inside the Great British Pig Heist

We spoke to animal rights activist Wesley Omar, who this week was sentenced to 12-months of community service for stealing a pig.
Michael Segalov

'Undercover Slaughterhouse Footage,' Today's Comic by Valentine Gallardo

No one wants to take responsibility for animal cruelty in this comic.
Valentine Gallardo
The Restless Youth Issue

Inside the Animal Rights Organization the FBI Considers a Terrorist Group

FOIA docs reveal that the FBI has been keeping an eye on the Animal Liberation Front for decades.
Jason Leopold

A Meat Tax Is Probably a Good Idea

This past tax day, PETA rolled out an unappetizing idea: a meat tax. But when we dug into the details of their proposal, we found that it's more than just trolling.
Mike Pearl

Frozen Fish Sculptures Fly Amidst Controversy at a Japanese Ice Festival

Is it ok to use animals in art?
Beckett Mufson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

SeaWorld Is Laying Off Hundreds of Employees

The job cuts are aimed to save the company a bit of cash and help improve conditions for the animals and their handlers, apparently.
Lauren Messman
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The Cincinnati Zoo Really Hates Your Harambe Memes

"Our zoo family is still healing, and the constant mention of Harambe makes moving forward more difficult for us."
VICE Staff

Why Rich People Set Up Trust Funds for Their Pets

A dachshund in New York is currently battling for a $100,000 trust fund. We asked a pet trust attorney why—and how—pets inherit their owners' riches.
VICE Staff
daily vice

Cockfighting in the Canary Islands

VICE travels to the Spanish islands, where the practice is still legal, to meet with men who want to keep the tradition alive, as well as the activists who see it as "cruel amusement."
VICE Staff

I Fought African Militias to Protect Rhinos from Extinction

From the comfort of Sydney, I'd read how rhino horn was now worth more than gold or cocaine. That one fact transported me to African lion country, staking out poachers with an ancient rifle.
Samuel Foy