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17 Soldiers Captured and Executed by al-Qaeda 'Gang' in Yemen

The soldiers had been visiting family in Aden and were returning to their base when they were kidnapped and killed by firing squad by suspected al-Qaeda militants.
Reuters and VICE News
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Father of Tunis Museum Gunman: 'If I Knew, I Would Have Stopped Him'

We spoke with the family of 27-year-old Yassine Laabidi, one of the men responsible for killing 20 foreigners and three Tunisians at the Bardo National Museum.
Yasmine Ryan
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Chaos in Libya Provides Fertile Ground for Islamic State Propaganda

Regional and world leaders already concentrating on battling the terror group in Iraq and Syria have been alarmed by developments in Libya, where it has been steadily building a presence.
Alice Speri

Body of Kidnapped and Beheaded Police Officer Found in Tunisia

The gruesome incident occurred just one week after Tunisia held the first presidential elections since the 2011 popular uprising that touched off the Arab Spring.
Virgile Dall’Armellina
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UN Adds Libyan al Qaeda Affiliates to Terror Blacklist

Two branches of the extremist Ansar al Sharia militant group believed to be responsible for the 2011 US consulate attack in Benghazi are now subject to a range of sanctions.
John Beck
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Militants Lay Claim to Rocket Attack on US Military Compound in Yemen

Al Qaeda-linked militants have claimed responsibility for an attack that targeted a compound near the US embassy in Yemen's capital.
Liz Fields

Hanging Out with the Rebels Who Have Seized Control of Libya's Oil Fields

My driver was the personal chauffeur of the leader of Libya’s federalist rebels, Ibrahim al-Jathran. As a reward for his good work in the uprising against Gaddafi, Jathran was put in charge of protecting the country's oil facilities. Instead of...
Wil Crisp