I Got Cocaine Blown Up My Ass So You Don't Have To

When the internet was suddenly abuzz with rumors that getting a friend to blow coke up your ass with a straw was worth the trouble, I had to see if I'd been doing it wrong all this time. After all, blow doesn't come with instructions.


I Asked the Discoverer of a New Fish Why Its Anus Is on Its Head

Prosanta Chakrabarty took me on a surprisingly thrilling journey through what he calls the fish's "lifestyle," touching on why it's blind, and why it poops sperm into its mouth. Then he burned me for having a small dick.


A Comprehensive Guide to Lil Wayne's Poop References

With the utmost love for Weezy F(ecal) Baby, we present to you Wayne’s World of Waste. The only appropriate reaction here is, "Holy shit."