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Phoenix Suns Stadium Deal Vote Was Extremely Uncomfortable

The Suns got an outlandish deal for arena renovations, but not before a man reminded everyone that he shot a councilwoman that supported funding for the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium in 1997.
Liam Daniel Pierce

The Best of MLB's Players Weekend Nicknames

Among the best nicknames: Harrison Bader "Tots," Joey "Pico de" Gallo, Shane "Not Justin" Bieber, and Brad Boxberger's will blow you away.
Liam Daniel Pierce

MLB Game Was Not Delayed Because of a Baboon Running Amok in Phoenix

ESPN's Pedro Gomez had some autocorrect issues when he tried to tweet last night's game between the Diamondbacks and Rangers had been delayed by a "haboob," which is an intense weather event.
Sean Newell
we must protect this pool

Horse-Mounted Cops Protect Diamondbacks Pool from Celebrating Dodgers

The in-stadium pool at Chase Field is a sacred thing.
Sean Newell
Face Tat

Archie Bradley Says Fan "Better" Get Tattoo of His Face

After a fan said he'd get a tattoo of Bradley's face in exchange for a run, the Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher hit a scorching triple and drove in two runs. So, two tats?
Liam Daniel Pierce
autograph hounds

Pat Neshek Calls Zack Greinke a 'Turd' for Not Signing Autograph

The Colorado Rockies reliever, who is also a major autograph seeker, claims that Greinke promised to sign something for him and then stiffed him on it.
Sean Newell

John McCain Blames Diamondbacks for Incomprehensible Comey Questions

Senator John McCain pursued a long, rambling line of questioning during James Comey's hearing and blamed it on staying up late to watch baseball.
Sean Newell

Foul Tip Cracks Marlins Home Plate Fish Tank, Which Exists Because Why?

It's as if Tony Montana designed Marlins Park.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Major League Baseball

Paul Goldschmidt Keeps Getting Better

The Arizona Diamondbacks slugger may play for a small-market MLB squad, but his superstar swing is well worth watching.
Rian Watt

Chris Iannetta Went to the Hospital After Taking This Pitch to the Face

It didn't look fun at all.
Liam Daniel Pierce
extreme mistake theater

Diamondbacks Pay Ode to Little League Baseball in Touching Three-Run Flub Sequence

Giants pitcher Matt Moore hit a ball that traveled 45 feet, slowly. With some help from the Little League re-enactors on Arizona, it turned into three runs.
David Roth
Arizona Diamondbacks

​Diamondbacks Discover Flame-Throwing Prospect by Playing Catch with Young Kid in Outfield

Hopefully the D-Backs catcher he was wearing his catcher's mitt because this kid has a rifle.
Dave Brown