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Arizona State Coach Bobby Hurley Gets Ejected, Rages Out Like a Boss

The whole thing looked like a scene out of WWE.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Pretty, Stupid, Full of Grace: Appreciating College Football's Hail Mary

From BYU's last-second victory over Nebraska to Doug Flutie's epochal heave, the Hail Mary is one of college football's most beautiful—and inexplicable—plays.
Michael Weinreb
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College Football Weekend Watch Party: ASU-Texas A&M, Take The Points

Introducing our Friday guide to the weekend's most entertaining and intriguing college football matchups
Kevin Trahan
arizona state

Arizona State's Twerkin' Curtain of Distraction

Arizona State's curtain of distraction is delightful, features twerking centaurs, basically.
Sean Newell
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Utah's Brain Fart, A Soccer Ball To The Face, And The GIFs You Missed

Every Monday, we recap the best and most ridiculous GIFs and clips you may have missed from the weekend. Today is Monday.
Sean Newell

ASU Ends Notre Dame Comeback With Another Interception

Notre Dame turned the ball over like crazy today and the Sun Devils capitalized each time. A dropped pass by Corey Robinson was intercepted and returned 58 yards for the final nail in the coffin.
Sean Newell

Sparkling One-Handed Grab Highlights Arizona State's Manhandling Of Notre Dame

Arizona State capitalizes on Notre Dame's careless ball security and Jaelen Strong makes beautiful one-handed grab.
Sean Newell
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Arizona State Lineman Reveals He's Gay in Incredibly Low-Key "Announcement"

Chip Sarafin's sexuality shouldn't be a big deal.
Harry Cheadle
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Hestia Is Like Google Streetview for Greenhouse Gases

There's a lot of reasons humanity is having such a hard time cutting back on greenhouse gases. It's not just fake scientists and deniers, and/or the dollars of heavy industry. There is also the actually real issue of vagueness. A study out this week in...
Michael Byrne