Turkey Stock Baguette Recipe

Make your baguette with turkey stock, and then throw some turkey onto it for the ultimate turkey sandwich.


Banh Mi Heaven Is a Strip Mall in Southern California

Freshly made mayonnaise, chewy French-Vietnamese baguettes, and homemade charcuterie are just some of the components that make this banh mi shop in LA's San Gabriel Valley one of the best around.


France Is Fining Bakers for Selling Too Many Baguettes

As it turns out, French boulangeries are legally obligated to remain closed one day a week, or risk being fined.


France Is Slowly But Surely Warming Up to Gluten-Free Foods

What is a France that doesn't cherish its baguettes, croissants, and pains au chocolat? Good question, and one that France is trying to figure out now with a growing population that wants to forgo gluten.