Watch a Clip from 'Bao,' Pixar's New Short About a Sentient Baby Dumpling

The eight-minute film will be shown before 'The Incredibles 2', which comes out in theaters on June 15.
Mayukh Sen

Classic Pork Bao Recipe

It's about time you learn how to make a classic pork bao at home.
Bao Bao
korean food

These 'King-Size' Kimchi Dumplings Are LA's Best-Kept Korean-Food Secret

These little orbs of carby, chewy, juicy, umami-filled joy will change everything you thought you knew about dumplings and spicy, pickled cabbage.
Javier Cabral
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These Spicy Lobster Bao Will Blow Your Mind

Dale Talde shared this indescribably delicious recipe with us, and buying the lobster is the hardest part of the job.
Munchies Staff
Buenos Aires

Blame David Chang for Buns and Ramen Taking Over Buenos Aires

David Chang has a long reach in Argentina, where chefs and diners alike have been swept away by his refined-but-casual take on Asian cuisine at his Momofuku restaurants.
Kevin Vaughn

Bao-ed Lobster in Warm Chile Butter Recipe

Basic lobster rolls are for the birds. This slightly spicy, buttery, and sweet lobster roll swaps boring bread with Chinese buns and dank, delicious filling.
Dale Talde

On China's Singles Day, the Lonely Eat Fried Food and Spend Billions Online

Singles Day is the Chinese counterpart to Black Friday, except that it also involves eating fried dough sticks, being obsessed with the numeral one, and commiserating about not getting laid.
Hilary Pollack