Barclays Center


Drake Fan Wins $25K on Half Court Shot at a Barclays Concert

Drake even added in one of his custom Nike collaboration​ "OVO" jerseys to boot.
Liam Daniel Pierce
new york islanders

Report: Barclays Center Plans to Cut Ties With Islanders

The Islanders attendance in Brooklyn is so bad the Barclays Center wants them out.
Dave Brown
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When Nicki Minaj Met Lauryn Hill She Fell to Her Knees and Sobbed

Watch the two artists meet for the first time backstage at a recent show.
Daisy Jones

The Man Who Brought the Nets to Brooklyn

In an excerpt from the book "The Brooklyn Wars", author Neil deMause details how developer Bruce Ratner plotted to build the Barclays Center in order to attract the Nets to Brooklyn.
Neil deMause

Are The Islanders Leaving Brooklyn? Only If They Can't Shake Down Mikhail Prokhorov

New York Islanders co-owners John Ledecky and Scott Malkin reportedly are in talks to move to Queens. Is they serious about relocating, or just angling for a better deal at the Barclays Center?
Neil deMause

Sixers vs. Nets. Who Went and Why? A VICE Sports Investigation

Why would anybody turn out to a game between the NBA Eastern Conference's two worst teams on the Ides of March?
Patrick Sauer
Barclays Center

Woman Injured by Falling Man Sues Barclays Center Over Dangerous Seat Design

A Long Island woman injured by a falling man at a Billy Joel concert is suing the Barclays Center because of it's dangerous seat design in the upper levels.
Sean Newell
nba fake picks

Millennial Pretends to be NBA Draft Pick, Kisses Woman on the Street

Guy from website pretends to be an NBA draft pick. Many people believe him.
Joseph Swide

Eat the Rich, or Why the NBA's Predatory Capitalism Must End

NBA teams are worth so much money that no one can come up with a big enough seeming figure. It's time players and fans start reclaiming what they've lost.
Patrick Redford

Why Liverpool Let Its Neighborhood Go To Hell

Liverpool is one of the richest sports teams in the world, but to make themselves even richer, the team set loose urban decay on their neighbors.
Aaron Gordon

Fighting For Women's Boxing In Brooklyn

For women boxers, it’s a constant hustle just to make ends meet, let alone to get rich.
Mark Hudson