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Don’t Look Like Cheech and Chong at the Border, Government Advises Canadians

What does that even mean?
Manisha Krishnan

We Asked Teens If It’s Really Easier to Get Weed Than Booze

And if they really get their weed from a “gangster in a stairwell.”
Celeste Yim

Canadian PM ​Justin Trudeau to Put Former Top Cop in Charge of Marijuana Legalization

Former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair didn't have the rosiest reputation, but was in favor of decriminalization when he was a cop. Is he really the right man for the job?
Manisha Krishnan

The Toronto Police Commander Who Detained G20 Protesters in 2010 Has Been Found Guilty of Unlawful Arrests

Superintendent Mark Fenton took the fall for using a controversial "kettling" tactic, but many think accountability needs to go higher up the chain of command.
Manisha Krishnan

The Toronto Police Database of Information on Black Citizens Should Be Destroyed

The police say the disproportionate cataloguing of blacks was unintentional, yet they'd like to keep all the detailed information they've collected during the process on our addresses, our movements, and our relationships.
Desmond Cole

Three Toronto Police Officers Have Been Charged with Sexually Assaulting a Colleague

The three officers charged with sexually assaulting a female parking enforcement officer have been arrested and released on bail.
Nick Rose

The Toronto Police Videotaped Strip-Search Chambers During the G20

A new, independent documentary has revealed that the Toronto Police were running video surveillance on the strip-search chambers they built for a temporary detention center during the G20. We spoke with detainees and the Ontario Privacy Commissioner...
Patrick McGuire

Rob Ford Gave a Deranged Press Conference Yesterday

Toronto's embattled mayor held a press conference that was supposed to be about skating rinks, but it quickly devolved into reporters asking Rob Ford about urinating in public, racist accents, and his driver getting arrested for extortion.
Patrick McGuire

Why Did the Toronto Police Kill Sammy Yatim?

The people of Toronto have a lot of questions for its police force after Sammy Yatim, an 18-year-old armed only with a knife, was shot nine times by a police officer in a busy part of the city. We spoke to an eye-witness, who shot one of two iPhone...
Patrick McGuire