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There's a CVS Boycott Brewing Over Mail-Order Birth Control

Recent changes made by CVS Caremark could result in people having fewer options for birth control delivery.
Garnet Henderson
2 days ago

When He Throws Your Birth Control Pills in the Garbage

Pressuring someone not to use birth control is called reproductive coercion and it's a form of intimate partner violence.
Kimberly Lawson
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Clinics Might Have to Destroy Usable Birth Control Thanks to Trump

It's just one consequence of recent changes to the country's federal family planning program.
Marie Solis

Trump's New Abortion Rules Could Hit Rural Communities Hardest. Just Look at Maine.

Maine's family planning clinics decided to stop taking Title X funding because of new Trump rules on abortion referrals.
Carter Sherman
Reproductive Health Rights

The Trump Administration Is Endangering Teens’ Access to Birth Control and STI Tests

Clinics must document their efforts to “encourage” minors to tell their families about family planning. Advocates say less teens will seek care.
Carter Sherman

Is the Simulation Glitching?

Ted Cruz and AOC might be teaming up ... for a second time.
Rex Santus
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A Tennessee County Wanted to Sterilize Inmates for Shorter Sentences. That's Over Now.

One former inmate says he refused a vasectomy and was required to serve an additional 30 days
Emma Ockerman

Imprisoning Women and Not Covering Birth Control Are Now on the Table in the Abortion Fight

Anti-abortion legislators are no longer just trying to chip away at Roe. They’re going after it with an ax.
Carter Sherman
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The Truth About Male Birth Control

Where the hell is it?
VICE Staff
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Where the Hell Is Birth Control for Men?

For years, headlines have promised birth control for cis men is just around the corner. The truth is more complicated.
Marie Solis
Leila Ettachfini
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Your DNA Could Affect How Well Your Birth Control Works

New research suggests that people with an uncommon genetic variant break down the hormones in birth control too quickly—which could put them at risk of unintended pregnancy.
Jessica Migala

Why We Should Stop Using the Phrase 'Women's Health'

It ignores all the other people—with or without a uterus—who have reproductive health needs.
Meera Shah, MD