20 hours ago

Boris Got a Brexit Deal

Now he just has to get Parliament to agree to it.

2 days ago

Brexit Delays Are Fueling a Dangerous Rage Among Britain's Far Right

“The whole thing has become so toxic, it sometimes feels like we’re on the verge of the Spanish Civil War”


There's Now Basically No Way Britain Can Make a Brexit Deal

The likelihood of a no deal Brexit just got a lot higher.


Yes, Boris Johnson Is Trying to Suspend Parliament... Again

This time though, Parliament will be suspended for a much shorter period.


Boris Johnson Must Know the EU Will Never Accept His Latest Brexit Pitch

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn's scathing reply called it "worse than Theresa May's deal.”


Britain's Brexit Generation Has Run Out of Shits to Give

“I can't really remember a time before the news was absolutely inundated with the Brexit stuff.”


This Thom Yorke ‘Colbert’ Interview Is Essential Late Night TV

The Radiohead frontman talked dreams, Brexit, his latest solo album, and his favorite R.E.M. song.


Boris Johnson Says a Woman Is Only Accusing Him of Groping Her Because of Brexit

"I'm going to come under a certain amount of shot and shell," Johnson said.


Boris Johnson’s First Day Back in Parliament Got Very, Very Ugly

Pro-Remain MPs say they're getting death threats that echo Johnson's own words, but the embattled prime minister appears totally shameless.


Bad News Boris: Supreme Court Rules Johnson's Suspension of Parliament Was Illegal

The ruling, another stunning defeat for the embattled prime minister, reverses the suspension, which was designed to hamstring attempts at stopping a no-deal Brexit.


Mark Ruffalo to Boris Johnson: Keep the Hulk's Name Out of Your Mouth

After the Prime Minister compared his Brexit strategy to the Hulk, Ruffalo dunked on him on Twitter.


Secret Government Document Predicts the Horrific Chaos That Brexit Will Cause

“This is more like emergency planning for war or a natural disaster and we're doing this voluntarily."