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Pope to Abuser Priests: Turn Yourself in and 'Prepare for Divine Justice'

On Friday, during his traditional Christmas speech, Francis urged priests guilty of sex abuse to give themselves up to civil authorities—and await judgement from God, too.
Alex Norcia
hall of fandom


15 years ago Dustin Holmes was double-dog dared by his best friend to wear a foam hat and a mullet wig. Today, he struts through tailgates and stadiums in a flashy red suit and fedora yelling at the top of his lungs. This is, he says, his destiny.
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best hack in baseball

Ex-Cards Exec To Be Indicted, Plead Guilty For Hacking Astros

Just the classiest baseball crime there is
Mike Piellucci
yep the browns blew another draft pick

ICYMI: The Best NFL Stories You Missed From Week 5

The Chargers can't tell time, the Lions get haunted by their past and the Browns' pass rusher of the future may not be who you think he is.
Ty Schalter

Cardinals Score on Classic Flea Flicker, Which Proved Ultimately Useless

Larry Fitz's hustle should be getting all the credit.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Division Swing Factors: NFC

Sam Bradford, Bruce Arians and a pair of once-bad defenses could shake up NFC division races.
Rivers McCown
friendship for everyone

Do Baseball Players Even Know What "Chemistry" Means?

Chemistry is important in baseball. A lot of other things are, too. So why is everyone talking so loudly about the sanctity of the clubhouse in particular?
Mike Piellucci

The Cardinals-Dodgers Series Is Not A Narrative, It's Just Good Baseball

It's the Cardinal Way against the nouveau rich stylings of Yasiel Puig and the Dodgers. Aren't the playoffs great?
Patrick Redford

My Summer Interning for a Minor League Baseball Team in Tennessee

I interned for a Minor League Baseball team because I wanted to work work for a Major League Baseball team. I thought I'd be crunching numbers like Jonah Hill, but instead I lived with an alleged child molester and worked with a drunk little person.
Greg Dorris