• 2.5.18

      LA's Best Vegan Cheesemaker Used to Hate Vegans

      Yousseff Fakhouri isn't making his dairy-free herbed feta and truffled brie for the vegans, per se. But that doesn't mean the vegans don't love—and in some cases, literally cry over—his stuff.

    • 10.25.17

      Butter Chicken Recipe

      Spicy and tasty AF, this simple dish requires the chicken to be marinated twice, resulting in perfectly tender meat.

    • 8.5.17

      Vegan Beet Burgers Recipe

      This recipe from Chandra Gilbert has the most delicious meat-free patty ever and all the fixings, including chili mayo and truffle cashew cheese.

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    • 5.20.15

      This Hash Jam Recipe Will Still Get You High 1,000 Years Later

      Time traveling would be so cool, man. But it's a lot more realistic to grind up nuts, chop up dates and figs, add some hash butter, and go where your mind's eye leads you.

    • 7.18.14

      Finding Peanut Butter Abroad Is Nearly Impossible

      Just about every country has peanuts, and just about every country has blenders. Why is it so desperately difficult to find real-deal peanut butter outside of the US? Blame local tastes that just don't understand the American yen for this fatty...