U.S. denies that it killed at least 46 civilians in Aleppo mosque bombing

Michael Kalenderian

The Pentagon failed to report thousands of U.S. airstrikes, report says

Tess Owen
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US special forces are helping Turkey clear out ISIS strongholds in Syria

Americans will now be fighting alongside both the Turkish military and Kurdish militias in its bid to push the Islamic State further south.
Justin Ling
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How the US Military's Fight Against the Islamic State Became 'Operation Inherent Resolve'

America's military campaign against the Islamic State was initially set to be called Operation Iraqi Unity — but documents obtained by VICE News show why that name was rejected.
Jason Leopold
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Troubling Questions Are Being Asked About the US Role in Yemen

A new report has named the United States as a party to the conflict in Yemen for the first time, and said that Washington is obliged to carry out its own investigations into civilian deaths.
Samuel Oakford

'All We Could Find Were Body Parts': America's Role in Yemen's Civilian Carnage

Human rights monitors say the US is complicit in the overwhelming number of civilian deaths that continue to result from the Saudi Arabia–led bombing campaign in Yemen.
Samuel Oakford
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CENTCOM Admits US-Trained Syrian Rebels Gave a Bunch of Supplies to al Qaeda Affiliate

The government Friday walked back earlier denials that fighters trained and equipped by the US-led coalition had furnished al Nusra Front with supplies.
Samuel Oakford
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Australia Has Begun Launching Airstrikes Within Syria

Reports suggest that Australia's military might have been behind as many as three strikes, but the precise number of Australian bombings has not been confirmed.
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US Airstrikes Said to Kill Two Islamic State Sharia Court Judges in Syria

A monitoring group says US-led coalition airstrikes killed two judges that presided over a court in the Islamic State’s de facto capital city of Raqqa.
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The Islamic State's Top Hacker Was Killed in a US Drone Strike

Junaid Hussain, a British citizen who helped lead the terror group’s so-called “CyberCaliphate," died on Tuesday while riding in a vehicle near the Syrian city of Raqqa.
Charlotte Meredith
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US Coalition Accused of 'Massacre' After Airstrikes Allegedly Kill Dozens of Civilians in Syria

A monitoring group says coalition airstrikes targeting the Islamic State killed at least 52 civilians on Friday, including 16 women and children.
Olivia Becker
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Islamic State Group Calls for Attacks on US Military Families After Release of 'Hacked' Addresses

It's unclear if the information was actually hacked from internal accounts or was simply available online, but military officials are warning service members to be wary.
Gillian Mohney