Chris Paul


The 5 Worst Contracts in the NBA

Yep, Chris Paul is on this list. Don't @ us.


This is Chris Paul's Time

After a typically dominant season in the shadow of the NBA's probable MVP, Houston's 33-year-old point guard sits at the climax of his career with NBA immortality at his fingertips.


Lakers G-Leaguer Andre Ingram Is Why We Watch Sports

At the ripe old age of 32, Ingram made his NBA debut for the Los Angeles Lakers after spending 10 years in the G League. He dropped 19 points, got "MVP" chants, and his wife Marilee will make your heart smile.


10 Things James Harden Could Have Done After Breaking Wesley Johnson

The Houston Rockets guard took on the LA Clippers, and good goddamn, was he disrespectful.


The Outlet Pass: Steven Adams is Officially a Star

Also: a young Lakers bright spot, evaluating Brooklyn's new starting five, why DeAndre Jordan's backup is slowly killing his leverage as a free agent, how the Spurs literally stay one step ahead of everybody else, and more.


So Long Blake Griffin, and Thanks For All the Dunks

Before Blake Griffin, the Clippers were just a revolving door of castoffs and busts who filled roster spots and cashed checks from the old racist owner.


Here are the NBA Fights We Desperately Want to See

It is apparently Fight Week in the NBA and rather than see everyone's hot collars cool down, we want more.


Chris Paul Led Rockets Through Secret Entrance to Fight Clippers in Locker Room

Apparently some Rockets wanted to get into it with Austin Rivers. And maybe Blake Griffin, too. LAPD was called.


Chris Paul Has Nothing but Contempt for Andre Roberson's Shot

During a preseason game between the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder, CP3 dared Roberson to shoot and mocked him when he shot an airball.


James Harden, Not LeBron James, Is Now Golden State's Kryptonite

"I've just started," Harden told VICE Sports. "I don't have time to look back. I'm not retiring, so I'm not looking back yet."


Doc Rivers Will Never Stop Being Doc Rivers

Rivers has filled needs he created with moves that could hamstring the team in the short term and the long term.


The New CBA Is Already Changing the NBA

With the salary cap set to rise at a slower rate than maximum raises for the first time in a while, max deals might be no country for old men.