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Someone Plastered Confederate Flags and Cotton All Over American University

It's the second time this year racist symbols were found at the DC college.
Drew Schwartz

How White Women Are Responsible for the Confederate Monuments We Have Today

Because their interests were seen as apolitical, white women in the South were able to advance an insidious, racist agenda long after the Civil War had ended.
Bethy Squires
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GOP Lawmaker Said Confederate Statue Vandal Should Be 'Hung from a Tall Tree'

Leaders in the Missouri House of Representatives have called on the legislator to resign.
Drew Schwartz

The Confederate Statue Topplers Are Already Screwed

A North Carolina defense lawyer explains how even if the people accused of taking out a monument to confederate soldiers get off, their lives will be changed forever.
Chase Madar
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The Next TV Show from the 'Game of Thrones' Creators Is About Slavery

The duo is developing an alt-history series for HBO called 'Confederate,' about what would happen if the South had won the Civil War.
River Donaghey
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The Confederate Flag Is Back Up at the South Carolina Statehouse (for Now)

A secessionist group hoisted the flag on a temporary pole two years after it was removed in the wake of the Charleston church shooting.
Drew Schwartz
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Protestors Brought Torches to Rally Against the Sale of a Confederate Statue

Alt-right poster boy Richard Spencer was reportedly among the group in Virginia protesting the sale of a Robert E. Lee statue.
Lauren Messman
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My Hometown Is Finally Getting Rid of Its Confederate Monuments

Black kids in New Orleans won't have to walk past statues symbolizing oppression like I did.
Talmon Joseph Smith

My Strange Afternoon Among Anti-Fascists Waiting for the KKK to Show Up

Protesters, including some anti-fascists itching for a fight, were prepared for the KKK to arrive in Danville, North Carolina. But the Klan never showed.
Drew Millard

We Fight in a Civil War Reenactment Tonight on VICELAND

On an all new episode of 'VICE Does America' we travel to Jacksonville, Alabama to meet the men taking sides to reenact the fight between the Union and the Confederacy.
VICE Staff
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A Group of Confederate Flag Supporters Has Been Indicted on Terrorism Charges

After an altercation at a birthday party in July, members of a group called "Respect the Flag" have been charged with terrorism and participating in criminal gang activity.
Michael Cuby
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These Nova Scotians Want the Confederate Flag Banned in Canada

They say it's a symbol of racial hatred and want it recognized as such by the government.
Tannara Yelland