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‘Did You Like Your Baby?‘: VR Puts Your Face on an Infant to Make You Want to Procreate

"The concept is that by seeing your own face on this child, a lot of authenticity is added to the experience."


A New Japanese Cat Café Is Raising Awareness of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

Neco Republic want people to know that there’s no need to fear cats with FIV.


What Happens When You Animate an 800-Year-Old Manga Strip

A historical artifact featuring a bunch of frolicking animals has been given a new lease of life.


Japan Is Protecting Its Anime With Anti-Piracy Hires

They will start surveilling the internet for any illegal activity.


These 360 Videos Show the Aftermath of Japan’s April Earthquake

Yoshiki Kitagawa recorded destruction left by the April 2016 Kumamoto earthquake in Japan to raise awareness of citizens’ plight.


Cross Japanese Culture With ASMR and This Is What You Get

Just don't confuse it with erotica.


A Photographer Caught the Milky Way Passing Over Mount Fuji

Wildlife photographer Mark Thorpe captured this rare occurrence in a timelapse.


Japan's Ultra-Polite Taxi Drivers Are Worried Uber Will Undermine Traditions

Taxi firms in Japan fear that Uber’s rise will erode customer service traditions in Japan.


A Japanese Pest Control Team Prepares for the Mutant Cockroach of the Future

Earth Chemicals are seriously contemplating a future where roaches have metamorphosized into giants.


A Japanese Monk Is Making a VR World to Reflect the True Feudal Tokyo

Oishi Shinkyo, a Buddhist monk turned IT entrepreneur wants people to experience the real Edo Japan.


Researchers Are Working to Replace Japan’s Rural Workforce With Drones

As the Japanese population shrinks, researchers are investing hopes in an automated workforce.


This Satellite Uses Special Glue to Stick to Space Debris Like Flypaper

Astroscale is aiming to create two types of satellites to detect and destroy space debris.