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This Craft Beer Forces You to Confront White Supremacy

At Black Star Line Brewing, racial uplift and intersectionality are entwined with every beer they brew, right down to their queer-farmed hops.


These Tree-Hugging Brewers Make Beer Out of Bark

“We wanted to make everything taste like the place where it’s from,” says Scratch Brewing Company's Aaron Kleidon, who makes beers using arugula, mushrooms, and even trees.


Ghana's First Microbrewery Is Changing the Way Beer Is Made in Africa

Inland Microbrewery, located just outside Accra, produces several different varieties of beer, all without the use of imported malted barley, upon which Ghana’s two major commercial breweries almost exclusively rely.


This Brewer Is Giving His Beer a Taste of the Ocean with Oysters and Seawater

Benchtop Brewing Company is whipping up concoctions that pay homage to the tidewater region that they call home, including a gose with seawater and local oysters.


Meet the Brewers Trying to Disrupt the Scotch Industry with a Hunter S. Thompson-Inspired Whisky

BrewDog's previous flirtations with high-octane alcohol involved a 55 percent ABV beer packaged inside of a dead squirrel.


This Craft Brewery Infuses Its Beer with the Wu-Tang Clan

Fortnight Brewing uses sonic vibrations to stress out yeast during the fermentation process with the purpose of altering the flavor, character, and complexion of a new beer, aptly dubbed “Bring da Ruckus.”


Why This Brewer Is Putting Pork Scraps in His Beer

Now that Dogfish Head's scrapple-infused breakfast beer is being shipped nationally, we spoke with the brewery's founder, Sam Calagione, about its genesis.


Are You the Beer Historian the Smithsonian Is Looking to Hire?

Do you think there’s room in between Archie Bunker's chair and Fonzie’s jacket for some beer bongs and a mini-keg or two?


Why Some Cult Breweries Intentionally Limit Their Beer Supply

It's basic economics: Brewers create limited quantities to be distributed in certain regions and establishments, beer hunters begin marking their calendars for release dates, and word quickly spreads.


Why a New Brewpub Is Sparking Controversy in San Diego

Many San Diego brewers aren't pleased by the prospect of a brewpub operated by 10 Barrel Brewing, a craft brewery that was purchased by AB InBev in 2014, claiming that it represents just another example of Big Beer bleeding into the craft scene.


Why Women Are Leading Korea's Craft Beer Movement

In a country where terrible beer is often trumped by high-proof spirits, there's been little room for a craft beer boom—until now. And it's being led by women.


This Brewery Wants to Make Taiwan the Craft Beer Capital of Asia

Taihu Brewing, on the heels of its tenth month of infancy, is trying to evangelize craft beer in Taiwan—one temperature-controlled glass at a time.