Anyone Can Build This Open Source, DRM-Free Kindle Alternative

The Open Book Project is in the process of designing an open source device that will let you read ebooks without being locked-in with a corporation.


This Laser Tripwire Automatically Minimizes Your Tabs When Someone Walks By

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This Super Retro Website Is Running on a 30-Year-Old Mac

The Macintosh SE/30 might be ancient and underpowered by today's standards, but it can still serve up a website with a little elbow grease.


A DIY Programmer Made a New Game for the 50-Year-Old Apollo Guidance Computer

“The AGC wasn't just an important part [of Apollo]: it was the core of the entire ship, without which the entire program wouldn't have been possible.”


Rogue Cyclists Create Bike Lane Barriers With Toilet Plungers

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The Open Source Project That Keeps Google's Hands Off Your Android Data

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