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Beating Yourself Up to Get Out of an Arrest Is a Bad Plan

A video camera captured a man in Oregon giving himself two black eyes in a jail cell before claiming the cops were responsible.


Here's How Conservatives Freaked Out Over the CIA Torture Report

In the week after the Senate released its report on the CIA's enhanced interrogation tactics, Dick Cheney and other neocons were spinning their wheels to defend the torture program.


The Psychology of Torture

We talked to Stephen Soldz, founder of the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology, about the dark theories behind the CIA's enhanced interrogation tactics.


An Illustrated A to Z of Torture

Earlier this week, the Senate released a report on the CIA's "enhanced interrogation" (torture) techniques. The tactics in this comic were used by the agency at black sites around the world.


The Psychology Profession Has Disowned the CIA's Two Torture Psychologists

But the association has been criticized for the role it may have played in the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques.


The Biggest Lies the CIA Told About Its Torture Program

Among the least surprising findings of the Senate's CIA torture report is that the agency lied about enhanced interrogation. A lot. To everyone.


Why Noise Torture Hurts

"Loud music" is the background track of the US war on terror. But how loud is loud enough?


Hypothermia, Broken Limbs, and Rectal Feeding: Details from the CIA Torture Report

A new report from the Senate Intelligence Committee finds that the CIA deliberately misled Congress and the White House about Bush-era interrogation techniques.


This CIA Officer Spoke Out About Torture. Now's He's in Prison for Espionage

A decade ago, long before Edward Snowden trolled the depths of a classified government surveillance program, John Kiriakou was learning about a government practice as secret and troubling, and a lot more gruesome.


Will the Only Senator to Stand up to John Brennan Be the One Who Was Tortured?

John McCain has never faltered in his principled stance against torture. John Brennan, on the other hand?