Cops Dug Up Salvador Dalí's Body and What They Found Was Surreal

After 28 years, Dalí's body was exhumed yesterday.


Salvador Dalí's Alleged Daughter Gets a Date for Her DNA Test

Legal action continues after a Madrid court ordered the surrealist painter's exhumation late last month.


Mexican Authorities Filled a Mass Grave, and Now the Government Is Exhuming the Bodies

The local authorities have accepted that this was an irregular common burial site where bodies from the morgue were dumped without proper registration. Activists fear it may also contain the victims of extrajudicial killings, and forced disappearances.


In Landfill Atop Medellin, Colombia Begins Work on Exhuming Bodies in Mass Grave

As many as 300 bodies could be buried at the sit high above Medellin, a city that is seeking to shed its violent reputation. "The pain is completely the same since that day," a woman whose husband went missing tells us.