Ancient Bone-Crushing Hyenas Roamed the Arctic During the Last Ice Age

Scientists identified fossilized teeth as belonging to hyenas, providing evidence of their lives in the arctic during the last ice age.


Global Warming Is Wiping Out Marine Animals Faster Than Land Dwellers

A study of 406 cold-blooded animals revealed that climate change is already pushing marine species to their thermal limits.


Scientists Think an Exploding Star Helped Kill Off the Megalodon

An Astrobiology study proposes that an ancient supernova could have exposed Megalodon and other large ocean animals to deadly muon radiation.


Earth's Deadliest Mass Extinction Was Driven by Toxic Volcano Plumes

Mother Earth can be crueler than Thanos when she wants to be.


Melting Permafrost Reveals Gnarly 30,000-Year-Old Baby Horse

“This is the first find in the world of a prehistoric horse of such a young age and with such an amazing level of preservation.”


Humans May Be Living in Triassic-Period Conditions By 2250

Welcome to Triassic Park, where the carbon pollution will kill you before the wildlife can.


What Woolly Mammoth Extinction Tells Us About Our Rapidly-Changing Future

They died of thirst on a remote Alaskan island.


The First Known Extinction Event May Have Been Caused by Early Animals

Life finds a way, but it never said it would be polite about it.


Scientists Model the Epic Cloud of Smoke that May Have Killed the Dinosaurs

Atmospheric soot may explain why crocodilians endured the fallout while dinosaurs perished.


After 160 Million Years of Success, Climate Change Killed Ichthyosaurs

Charting the downfall of one of the most spectacular marine predators of all time.


When It Comes to Surviving Mass Extinctions, Smaller Is Better

Extinction events literally have bigger fish to fry.


Centaurs Have Been Trashing the Earth for Eons, Study Says

A controversial study finds centaur comets may be responsible for devastating mass extinctions.