How a French woman became a Colombian rebel

Natalie Mistral joined Colombia's biggest rebel group, the FARC, in 2001. VICE News recently talked to the 42-year-old guerrilla fighter about her life, now that the group's leaders are poised to sign a peace deal ending 50 years of conflict.


Subcomandante Marcos — Mexico's Che Guevara — Is No Longer a Wanted Man

The charges against the iconic pipe-smoking leader of the Zapatista indigenous uprising included terrorism, sedition, riot, rebellion, conspiracy, but they have all now passed their statutes of limitations.


Pope Francis Tells Mexico’s Indigenous Peoples: 'Sorry Brothers'

The Pope apologized for centuries of discrimination during a trip to the state of Chiapas, home to the Zapatista rebellion, at the same time as he said indigenous communities today have much to teach the world in the face of global environmental crisis.


What It’s Like to Be a Priest in the Trouble Spots the Pope is Visiting in Mexico

The Pope is heading for Chiapas, Michoacán, and Ciudad Juárez. Local priests talk about working in places where indigenous traditions mean chickens are sacrificed in church, poor farmers ask if it's ok to grow drugs, and where cartels rule.


Guerrillas at Ayotzinapa: Legacy of Armed Movements Is Present at Mexican Protests

Guerrillas are active at the Ayotzinapa Normal School campus, students tell VICE News. But tactics have changed and maybe the lines have blurred since guerrilla warfare in Mexico in the 1960s and 70s.


'Subcomandante Marcos No Longer Exists:' Zapatista Leader Retires His Nom de Guerre

With an enigmatic statement, the leader of the Zapatistas announced that he no longer speaks for the revolutionary movement.


Paramilitaries Are Still Murdering Zapatistas in Mexico

Galeano, a Zapatista teacher, was killed in an attack on May 2. His death has caused a wave of anger, solidarity, and calls for justice.


Mexican Muslims

VICE Mexico traveled to Chiapas, Mexico, to meet Cheb Cheb Ibrahim, one of the first Mexican Indians to convert to Islam and a member of the only indigenous Muslim community in Mexico.


The Zapatista Uprising (20 Years Later)

Twenty years after the Zapatista uprising, VICE traveled to Chiapas, Mexico, to recall the events of that fateful day. It was the first indigenous armed uprising in Latin America in the internet age.


Happy 20th Birthday, Zapatistas!

Today marks 20 years since a previously unknown army emerged from the rain forests of the indigenous highlands of Chiapas, Mexico, and declared war on the government. Here are 20 photographs that Marco Antonio Cruz, one of Mexico’s most respected...