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Neo-Nazis Are Selling the New Zealand Shooter's Racist Screed for $4 on Telegram

The manifesto that inspired El Paso is now a hardcover book.
Valerie Kipnis
2 hours ago

Far-Right and Antifa Showdown Drew Over 1,000 Protesters

Thirteen people were arrested and police declared a “civil disturbance,” but there were relatively few skirmishes.
Tess Owen
2 days ago

Hundreds of Far-Right Protestors and Antifa Activists Face Off in Portland

Portland has seen clashes between antifa, riot cops, and far-right groups like the Proud Boys before.
Tess Owen
2 days ago
Far right

Here’s How Big Far Right Social Network Gab Has Actually Gotten

Gab has experienced a huge growth spurt in the first half of 2019, a worrying sign of the spread of hateful ideologies and radicalization online.
David Gilbert
3 days ago

Police Keep Arresting Young White Men For Trying to Copycat El Paso

At least six men have been arrested for making terroristic threats, stockpiling weapons, or plotting attacks since the massacre.
Tess Owen
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Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin Was Ordered to Pay $14 Million to a Jewish Woman He Harassed. He's Still Sharing Hate Online.

A federal judge ordered Anglin to pay $14 million
Tess Owen
White Nationalism

Eco-Fascism: the Racist Theory That Inspired the El Paso and Christchurch Shooters

Both believed immigrants were destroying the environment, a racist trope that's gaining steam among white nationalists.
Tess Owen

"We Have an Invasion!": Trump's Facebook Ads Sound a Lot Like the El Paso Suspect's Manifesto

Around 2,200 ads from the Trump camp since May 2018 include some reference to an “invasion” on America’s southern border.
David Uberti

The Far Right’s Internet Protector Goes Down After Taking In 8chan

Epik tried protecting 8chan and then Voxility banned it.
Ben Makuch

Turns Out a Lot of Christians Are Against Trump's Pro-Christian Agenda

A new group called Christians Against Christian Nationalism has formed in the U.S. to fight for the rights of other religions.
Leila Ettachfini

“Worse Than a Death Sentence”: Inside India’s Sham Trials That Could Strip Millions of Citizenship

"Foreigners Tribunals" in the state of Assam are deeply biased against Bengalis and Muslims, a VICE News investigation has found.
Rohini Mohan

Tulsi Gabbard’s $50M Google Lawsuit Takes a Page from the Far-Right Playbook

It's perhaps the most direct punch thrown by a 2020 Democrat against Big Tech.
David Uberti