Courts Mostly Back FCC Assault on Net Neutrality

But the court also blocked the FCC’s attempt to ban states from stepping in and protecting consumers themselves.


Study Proves The FCC's Core Justification for Killing Net Neutrality Was False

The biggest study yet finds Ajit Pai’s repeated claims that net neutrality hurt broadband investment have never been true.


Court Says FCC Ignored Hard Data in Rush to Help Media Monopolies

The court found the FCC failed to consider the negative impact pandering to media monopolies has on the broader public.


Jimmy Kimmel Is in Trouble With the FCC for Using Emergency Alert Sounds

The FCC fined ABC $395,000 after a "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" sketch used emergency alert system sounds three times.


Experts Say the DOJ Justification for T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Approval Is a Joke

The DOJ’s proposed plan to protect competition will do nothing of the sort, industry watchers say.


Nationwide Outage Meant AT&T Customers Couldn't Dial 911

Police across the country reported the issue on Tuesday morning. Last year, AT&T was fined $5 million for outages that prevented 911 calls in 2017


Senator Warren Says Key FCC Cybersecurity Advisory Council Panders to Industry

Key panels intended to advise the FCC are increasingly stocked with industry insiders, resulting in policies that leave consumers and common sense behind.


A DIY Internet Network Has Drastically Expanded Its Coverage in NYC

With the installation of "Supernode 3," NYC Mesh now covers large swaths of both Manhattan and Brooklyn.


AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile Hit With FCC Complaint Over Sale of Phone Location Data

The Open Technology Institute, Free Press, and the Georgetown Law Center on Privacy & Technology filed the complaint Friday after multiple Motherboard and New York Times investigations.


American Cell Phone Carriers Are Terrible and 5G Isn't Magically Going to Save Us

The US lost the race to fast, affordable 4G. The wireless industry now wants the public to believe that 5G will be a silver bullet.


American ISPs Are Better Than Ever, FCC Proclaims in Study Based on Flawed Data

Ajit Pai's FCC says more Americans than ever have access to fast internet connections, but critics say the study is "fundamentally at odds with reality."


75% of FTC Officials Worked for Corporations It’s Supposed to Be Regulating

A new report says most FTC officials over the past 20 years worked for corporations before or after their tenure, and more than half had direct financial conflicts of interest.