75% of FTC Officials Worked for Corporations It’s Supposed to Be Regulating

A new report says most FTC officials over the past 20 years worked for corporations before or after their tenure, and more than half had direct financial conflicts of interest.
Karl Bode
3 days ago
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FCC Ignores History, Plans to Rubber Stamp T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

Experts say reducing the number of major wireless competitors will make phone plans more expensive for everyone.
Karl Bode

FCC Commissioners Say the Agency Won’t Tell Them About Phone Location Data Investigation

Ajit Pai’s FCC cares more about the privacy of its investigation than the privacy of consumers, one says.
Joseph Cox
location data

FCC Commissioner Demands Answers from AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon on Phone Location Data

The demands are the latest move to pressure telecom companies, who said they would stop the sale of location data to third parties after Motherboard’s coverage.
Joseph Cox
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This ISP Is Offering a 'Fast Lane' for Gamers...For $15 More Per Month

Priority routing services like Cox Communication's 'Elite Gamer' offer are usually a mixed bag, and in many instances provide no discernible benefit at all.
Karl Bode
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The Unpopular Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Looks Increasingly Doomed

Regulators aren’t sold on the companies’ claims that fewer competitors means more competition and lower prices.
Karl Bode
digital divide

Critics Say the FCC’s Big New Rural Broadband Plan Doesn’t Offer Much That’s New

Industry watchers say the FCC’s new broadband plan is woefully light on details, and isn’t likely to drive the better, more open networks the US needs.
Karl Bode
net neutrality

House Votes to Save Net Neutrality

The "Save the Internet Act" still faces long odds: It needs to get through a Republican-controlled Senate where it's been called 'dead on arrival,' and survive a veto threat from President Trump.
Karl Bode
net neutrality

The FTC Makes It Clear It Can’t, Won’t Protect Net Neutrality

When the Ajit Pai-led FCC killed net neutrality, the agency said that the FTC would step in to protect consumers. Now, that seems unlikely.
Karl Bode

Microsoft Says the FCC 'Overstates' Broadband Availability in the US

You can’t fix a problem you don’t understand, and America has no idea just how bad its broadband coverage gaps are.
Karl Bode

Some Democrats Are Ready to Water Down Their Own Net Neutrality Bill

Activists say efforts to “compromise” at this juncture would only weaken rules with broad, bipartisan public support.
Karl Bode

US Courts Just Greenlit AT&T’s Anti-Competitive Ambition for Decades to Come

AT&T’s $86 billion merger with Time Warner will result in higher rates and competition issues, but thanks to lobbying and weakened antitrust oversight, government can’t do a damn thing about it.
Karl Bode