fleur de sel


How-To: Make Jam-Stuffed French Toast with Sqirl

Jessica Koslow of Sqirl shows us how to make next-level French toast with crunchy-soft slabs of brioche, homemade raspberry jam, custard, fleur de sel, and a dash of lemon.


Homemade English Muffins Recipe

We recommend topping these golden buttermilk beauties with fleur de sel, fried rosemary, and lots and lots of butter.


Jam-Stuffed French Toast Recipe

You think you know good French toast, but you have no idea until you've tasted this.


Collecting the World's Finest Salt in the 'Dead Water' of France

Fleur de sel is widely considered to be salt in its most supreme form. I joined a group of salt farmers on the morbidly hot shores of Aigues-Mortes to see how these precious crystals are collected.


The Key to Perfect English Muffins Is Rosemary and Tons of Butter

When topped with fried rosemary, fleur de sel, and a lovely smear of fat, these fresh-baked buttermilk English muffins are fluffy, doughy perfection.


This 100-Year-Old Factory Makes the Saltiest Salt You’ll Ever Taste

Maldon salt, produced in a Victorian saltworks on the Blackwater estuary in Essex, is championed as one of the world’s finest tasting salts, thanks to its unique pyramid structure.