flowertown comics

    • 10.28.14

      Meet Doofus's Mother

      Doofus's mom is an old lady who lives upstairs and screams a lot. Will she warm up to Henry Hotchkiss?

    • 7.15.14

      Part 12

      Flowertown, USA, is a paradise of lowest common denominators.

    • 5.13.14

      A Police Officer Confronts a Panty Thief at Flowertown's Laundromat

      Flowertown is an idyllic American town populated by zaftig, nubile ladies, and odd-looking creepy dudes. Let's go there together as a police officer confronts a panty thief who has just called a bomb scare into a laundromat.

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    • 4.29.14

      Flowertown, USA

      Here is the premiere of VICE's new weekly comic, Flowertown USA, by Rick Altergott. It's about a quaint American town populated by the most repulsive oddballs you can imagine. It's a lot like an early John Waters movie.

    • 9.1.13

      Jury Duty

      Today, we forge ahead in the best tradition of our justice system, jury duty. In our hands, as Flowertown USA, we will serve justice. We will uphold the greatest aspects of the messy business that is sometimes called democracy... not!