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Trump's Mexico Tariff Could Utterly Screw Chipotle

Chipotle gets around 70 million pounds of the 99 million pounds of avocados it uses each year from Mexico.
Alex Swerdloff

Trump's Mexico Tariff Would Be Very Bad News for Americans Who Like Food, Alcohol

A tariff on imported Mexican goods could have a devastating effect on America’s ability to feed itself—and on American food businesses that hope to continue selling goods in Mexico.
Alex Swerdloff

How This American Man Brought Pisco to South Korea

Ingredients like mezcal and high-quality tonic water are missing from South Korea's bars because they’re technically illegal to import into the country—but one man is trying to change that.
Natalie B. Compton

No End in Sight for Russian Food Embargo

Russian President Vladimir Putin just signed a decree that prolongs the sanctions throughout all of 2017.
Alex Swerdloff

America Has a Crippling Cheese Surplus

The surplus of cheese has been building up such that US cheese inventories at the end of March were the highest they’ve been since 1984.
Alex Swerdloff
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Soon, Americans Won't Know Where Their Meat Is Coming From

Congress has just decided that you no longer need to know the origin of the beef and pork you eat.
Alex Swerdloff

Foster’s Beer Is Being Sued For Not Being Australian Enough

Proving once and for all that Foster’s so totally isn’t “Australian for beer,” one beautifully enlightened New Yorker has taken it upon himself to do what so many of us only dream about: He’s suing Foster’s for not actually being brewed in Australia.
Alex Swerdloff

Cuba Doesn’t Want Any Filthy American Food

Our capitalist politicians are learning the hard way that just because we suddenly want to rub shoulders with communist-run Cuba doesn’t mean they want to do the same.
Alex Swerdloff

The Most Powerful Rabbis in the World Are Going After Whisky’s Kosher Status

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel has declared half of the Johnnie Walker Black Label imported into the country not kosher, while the other half is. But the whisky is identical.
Alex Swerdloff

Caviar Is the Lone Exception to Russia's Ban on Western Food

What’s a trip to the dacha without a little Beluga served alongside the tears of your disenfranchised countrymen?
Alex Swerdloff

This Vegetable Vending Machine Could Save France's Bankrupt Farmers

As French farmers compete with the cheap, food imports sold in many supermarkets, Paris shop Au Bout Du Champ is cutting out the middleman by selling local produce in coin-operated automat machines.
George Nelson
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Almost Everyone Is Opposed to a New Plan for a Single Food Safety Agency

The White House's new budget calls for a complete and total overhaul of the FDA and the USDA. But reaction to the plan has been mixed.
Lauren Rothman