Games Reviews

4 days ago

'Ghost Recon: Breakpoint' Soars While Players Navigate Chaos and Vulnerability

A gripping game of underdog tension, 'Breakpoint' transcends its familiar design even as it equivocates with its story.


'Code Vein' Injects Anime Into the Heart of Dark Souls

It's has its issues, but it's also basically Hot and Sad Vampire Simulator 2019.


'Untitled Goose Game' Is Like Playing Hitman... as a Goose

You're not just a goose. You're a wrench in the gears of the world.


Play ‘Borderlands 3’ With Your Sound and Brain Turned Off

'Borderlands 3' is inferior in every way to its predecessors, except one: the shlooting.


'Link’s Awakening' Is an Excellent Update of a 90s Video Game, Warts ‘n All

A new coat of paint and a lovely story, but it's also worth remembering this was designed in the early 90s for the Game Boy.


'Sayonara Wild Hearts' Is a Brilliant, Beautiful Celebration of Pop Music

The interactive album, a 'Rez' for pop fans, is a platformer, a racing game, a shooter. It’s whatever it wants to be, whenever it wants to be.


'Iceborne' is Monster Hunter at its Peak, Colonialist Fantasy Included

Take Monster Hunter World, the good and the bad, and turn it up to 11.


'Daemon X Machina' Soars with Colorful and Dynamic Mecha Action

Though the comparisons are apt, it's more than just the second coming of Armored Core.


'Gears 5' Is Playing Catch-Up With Ideas That Are Already Outdated

Is it still enough to be a great shooter? 'Gears 5' doesn't seem too sure.


'Control' Imagines 'The X-Files' as an Eerily Thrilling Action-Horror Game

Help the world's most daring bureaucrats battle psychic invaders from another dimension.


'Telling Lies' Makes the Pursuit of Truth a Powerful Illusion

The developer of 'Her Story' is back with another mystery that'll have you getting out the corkboard and string.