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carmelo anthony

Carmelo Anthony on the Rise of Athlete Activism

This summer, we crossed the nation with the Olympic captain to explore his role of representing Team USA during a crossroads in this nation's history.
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Watching Neymar and Brazil Win Gold With the Three Old Ladies

Our writer watched the men's soccer gold medal match in a neighborhood in Rio, where three older women talked to him about Brazilian pride, love and life.
Aaron Gordon
Rio 2016

Neymar Steps Down as Captain After Leading Brazil to First Futebol Olympic Gold Medal

Given Neymar's general willingness to step away from the spotlight, it wouldn't be surprising to see him follow through with it.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Rio 2016

Helen Maroulis Trained With Champions To Become the First American Woman Wrestler to Win Gold

Helen Maroulis' parents almost made her give up wrestling because they didn't think there was any future in it. Now she's an Olympic gold medalist.
Aimee Berg

Meet Shakur Stevenson, America's Best Male Olympic Fighter in More than a Decade

Shakur Stevenson, who is aiming to become the first men's boxing U.S. Olympic gold medalist since 2004, has caught the attention of Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Aimee Berg

Adeline Gray is Wrestling For a Gold Medal and For Equality

Female wrestler Adeline Gray hopes a good performance at the Olympics will help her sport grow in the U.S.
Mike Vorkunov
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A Pole Vaulter's Penis Ended His Olympic Dream

It's a cruel and tragic twist of fate, but the guy will have plenty of time to find tighter-fitting shorts before the next Summer Olympics.
VICE Staff

Anthony Ervin Reflects on his Career, and Michael Phelps After Historic Gold Medal Win

Anthony Ervin talks about his path back to Olympic gold and how Michael Phelps has matured into a leader.
Aimee Berg

Catching Up with Milorad Cavic, Who Beat Michael Phelps But Lost Gold by the Force of a Finger

"I'm not sure how comfortable I would have felt having the gold medal that everyone else in the world believed was not mine." Even eight years later, losing gold to Phelps still stings for Cavic.
Aimee Berg
Justin Bieber

Neymar Parties Like a Normal 24-Year-Old, the Press Freaks Out

"Imagine you're 24 years old, earning what I earn and having all that I have," Neymar said. "Wouldn't you be the same as me?" Well, yeah.
Mike Vorkunov

Liga MX Review: Oribe Peralta Is Peaking at the Right Time

Oribe Peralta had his best game for Club America just as he gets ready to head to Brazil to help defend Mexico's soccer gold medal at the Olympics.
Cesar Hernandez
X Games

Q&A with Pierre-Luc Gagnon: Canada’s Unsung Skateboarding Hero

Pierre-Luc Gagnon overcame a serious hip injury to win his ninth gold medal at the X Games. But the skateboarder is upset about the lack of support he's received in Canada.
Simon Coutu