gun violence

gun violence

Young People in the Netherlands Tell Us How They Experienced the Tram Shooting

It's still unclear what the gunman's motives were.
Sona Boker

Inside the Uniquely American Horror Story of Summer Gun Violence in Chicago

"The one thing that I get really agitated about is how little things have changed in many of these neighborhoods."
Ann Givens
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A Parkland Survivor on Why Louis C.K. Is Wrong and the Movement Is Winning

People talk shit: "They're just kids, we shouldn't listen to them."
Sam Zeif
BFI London Film Festival 2018

Filming 'Assassination Nation' Opened Hari Nef's Eyes

We spoke to the actress about what she learned while filming the teen revenge movie.
Sophie Wilkinson

What We Know About the 'Male Supremacist' Who Shot Up a Florida Yoga Studio

Two people were killed and several more injured by an army vet with a history of violence against women and online rage.
Allie Conti

Gun Control Will Only Happen if Gun Families Make It Happen

"Gun owners have the same value system that all Americans do, which is that we want to keep our families safe."
Rosemary Westwood

The Eyes of the World Are on Democratic Candidate Lucy McBath

Georgia's 6th congressional district is a ripe opportunity for Democrats to flip one of the 23 seats they need to regain the House. Democratic candidate Lucy McBath plans to be the one to do it.
Marie Solis

Mental Health Providers Can’t Stop Mass Shootings

Most mentally ill people are not violent. In fact, they’re more likely to be victims than perpetrators.
Ankita Rao

Pissed Off Hunters Are Ready for Real Gun Control Despite the NRA

“I have heard for decades that hunters all have to stand together or we'll hang separately, and I don't buy that.”
Rosemary Westwood

A Teen Activist Gives Her Personal Take on 'The Hate U Give'

'The Hate U Give' opened to rave reviews earlier this month. But what does a Black teen activist who's been impacted by police brutality make of the film? We asked one to report back.
Roshae Harrison

NRA Membership Dues Tanked Last Year

The gun rights super-group took out a big loan from its own foundation in what experts said might be a sign of serious cashflow problems.
John Cook
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You Can't Talk About Guns Without Talking About Race

As with most things in America, owning and using a gun for political purposes is perceived very differently if you're a person of color.
Krishna Andavolu