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New Report Shows How Iran Limits Internet Freedoms to Control Dissent

The Iranian government has also launched cyberattacks and phishing schemes on its own citizens.
Ankita Rao
internet censorship

Iran Is Blocking the Internet to Shut Down Protests

Reports say mobile services like Telegram have been shut down as protests continue across the country.
Ankita Rao
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

At least 20 dead in Texas floods, North Korea threatens more unrest in Pacific, Joel Osteen opens doors to flood evacuees, and more.
VICE Staff
VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump campaign aide tried to set up meetings with Putin, more CEOs leave White House council over Charlottesville, North Korea pauses on Guam strike, and more.
VICE Staff

The French Won’t Dine with Iran Unless Wine Is Involved

According to French-based RTL Radio, President Rouhani insisted that the formal meal with Hollande could not include any wine or non-halal meat. Hollande evidently declared that that would not constitute a real meal in France.
Alex Swerdloff

Everything You Need to Know About the Iran Nuclear Deal

After years of harsh sanctions and intense rhetoric, and 18 days of intense negotiation, Iran, the US, and five other countries just came to a historic agreement about the Middle Eastern country's nuclear program.
Mark Hay

I Talked to Young Iranians About Nuclear Negotiations and the Future

Meetings over Iran's nuclear program, which are resuming in Switzerland Monday, have reignited a small spark of hope for young Iranians I talked to.
Sulome Anderson

The Iranian Government Erected a Monument to Make Nice with Its Jewish Citizens

Jews in Iran haven't always been treated like fellow countrymen, so a newly-erected monument honoring Jews who fought in the Iran-Iraq War serves as a proverbial olive branch.
Mark Hay

Is Iran's New President Capable of Talking His Way to Peace with Israel?

At this year's UN General Assembly, instead of making assertions about Israelis massacring landowners and railing against "Zionist murderers," Iran's new president Hassan Rouhani moved away from the anti-Israel diatribes and focused on the improvement...
Alon Aviram

Iran's Persecuted Kurds Didn't Vote for Their New President

Iran isn't too concerned with the rights of its people. And what with the ousting of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by president-elect Hassan Rouhani, those rights violations have attracted a lot of media attention. However, there's one issue that the spotlight...
Christine Jun

Should Iranians Be Celebrating Their New President So Soon?

On Friday British Iranians lined up around the block to vote at the Iranian consulate in London, ID in hand. I wanted to speak to some of those who voted (and some who didn’t bother), so I headed to West Kensington, home of the city's biggest Persian...
Alex Chitty