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Everything These Michelin-Starred Chefs Learned from Working at The Fat Duck

James Lowe of Lyle’s in London and Danish chef Theis Brydegaard share how starting out at Heston's three Michelin-starred restaurant shaped their cooking careers.
Daisy Meager

This Campaign Group Wants to Ban Music In Restaurants

Pipedown has joined forces with deafness charity Action on Hearing in urging British restaurants to switch off their sound systems. “Many people who have hearing problems won’t go out to these places,” says Pipedown national secretary Nigel Rodgers.
Daisy Meager

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea According to Michelin-Starred Chefs

The milk-in-first-or-last debate has gone on for too long. We asked some of Britain’s best chefs, baristas, and hospitality dons exactly how to make a cup of tea.
Munchies Staff

Virtual Reality Is About to Meet Experimental Fine Dining

Heston Blumenthal and Marshmallow Laser Feast are to combine puppeteers, tracking technology, and real-time motion capture for some multisensory, mixed-reality cuisine.
Kevin Holmes

Heston Blumenthal Is Threatening to Sue This Tiny French Bistro

The owner of The Fat Duck in Confolens, France received a letter from the celebrity chef’s legal team requesting that he change his bistro’s name.
Phoebe Hurst
Restaurant Confessionals

Being Head Pastry Chef Is the Best Job in the Kitchen

Apart from the obvious scope for creativity that comes with running a pastry section, the best part of the job is that your imagination is trusted. No one fucks with the pastry chef.
Munchies Staff

Bees Might Be Keeping Us Alive, But They're Also Completely Delicious

We've been best mates with bees and their bounty for centuries. However, aside from the fact that they pretty much keep us all alive, there could be even more potential yet for the relationship with our cute, winged pals—eating them.
Josh Barrie

British Puddings Are the Best in the World

The French can keep their crème brûlées, and the Italians their tiramisu—stodgy British puddings are the finest in the land. And when I say pudding, I don't mean that sloppy, wet American stuff. I'm talking about dense, edible heart attacks.
Eleanor Morgan

Trust No One When It Comes to Restaurant Health Code Violations

Employees at Freeman's, a popular NYC brunch spot, were recently accused of giving a woman norovirus, a foodborne transmitted illness.
Alison Stevenson

Drinking Hornet Vomit Makes Me a Better Runner

Forget energy drinks—drinking powdered giant hornet vomit might be the key to keep you powering through a long workout. At least it did for me.
Munchies Staff and Charlie Norton

Heston Blumenthal on Obsession and Food TV

Heston Blumenthal might spend his days in an impressive food science lab or traveling the globe consuming the world's hottest chilies, but all he really wants to eat is a chicken sandwich.
Eleanor Morgan

Music Is Ruining Your Meal

The biggest killjoy of eating a delicious meal is being forced to listen to smooth jazz, but scientists have discovered that sound actually plays a large role in how we perceive taste, texture, and our overall dining experience.
Jonathan Hirsch