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How the FBI Inserted Itself into the 2016 Election

This election has made everyone from Hillary Clinton to FBI director James Comey to rank-and-file FBI agents look terrible.
Matt Taylor
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Newly Released Documents Reveal More About the FBI's Clinton Email Investigation

In July, they recommended against indicting her over her use of a private email server.
Mike Pearl
Donald Trump

Reminder: Public Officials Using Private Email Servers Is Indefensible

You don't have to be in the "Hillary for Prison" movement to understand that Clinton's use of a private email server is terrible for democracy.
Jason Koebler

Clinton’s Email Security Procedures Won’t Be Released Until After the Election

The State Department says it needs a year and a half to turn over documents about Hillary Clinton's email procedures.
Jason Koebler

Everyone Is Pretty Much Lying All the Time, According to a Professor Who Studies Deception

On the continuum between total truth-telling and dishonesty, most of what people say falls somewhere in between.
Bill Kilby

Hillary Clinton's Latest Court-Mandated Email Dump Illustrates Her Team's Conflicting Relationship with Tech

"Pls print."
Drew Millard

​Government Investigators Opening Probe into Clinton Emails

Officials are casting doubt on Clinton’s claim classified emails were not transmitted on her account.
Kari Paul
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Are Democrats Stuck with Hillary Clinton for 2016?

As Hillary Clinton's campaign stumbles, Democrats are starting to panic about their presumptive 2016 nominee. So we went looking for another option.
Kevin Lincoln
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Hillary Clinton's Secret Email Stash Is Shady, but Was It Illegal?

The former Secretary of State's use of a private email shows just how easy it is for the government to hide its records.
Peter Rugh