how to raise a baby

    • 1.14.16

      How to Expatriate with Your Baby

      I packed my black ass up with my Muslim wife and our baby daughter and we moved to Mexico, and you can too.

    • 12.31.15

      When Babies Squad Up

      It's important to let babies squad up. That's how they trade baby info and compare baby notes and kick all of their baby activities up a notch.

    • 10.8.15

      Baby Swammin’

      Babies spend nine months floating around in amniotic fluid, so their swim game is, as the French say, on fleek.

    • 8.27.15

      How to Turn Your Baby Into a Musician

      Get some of those tiny baby-size noise-canceling headphones and bring it to an underground rap show so it can see what struggle rap looks like.

    • 7.28.15

      So You Had a Baby

      Show it some flowers or trees or whatever. Let it touch on a flower or feel grass on its tiny ass feet.

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