human rights violations

  • I Was Tortured in Sri Lanka for Harboring Tamils

    They used iron girders and PVC piping filled with sand and dirt. It hurts like hell, but it doesn't leave marks. That was the first time I've ever been beaten in my entire life.

  • Leave Your Rights at the Door if You Visit a Romanian Police Station

    The majority of abuses take place during a statutory procedure stipulated extensively in the 31st paragraph of the Romanian Law for Police. The problem is that in the document the escorted individual's rights aren't as clearly stated as the police...

  • Bahrain’s PR Campaign Is Doomed to Fail

    Bahrain could solve its image problem by welcoming reform and not committing gross human rights violations. But clearly that’s not on the table, so the repressive regime is spending millions on PR and inviting journalists to its brand new Formula...