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We Uncovered the Origins of Your Favorite Ice Cream Truck Treats

Isaac Lappert revisits everything from the ice cream sandwich to the Choco Taco on 'THE ICE CREAM SHOW.'
VICE Staff
New York

NYC Ice Cream Trucks Use Private Investigators to Spy on Competitors

The turf wars between the city's mobile ice cream purveyors is only escalating.
Jelisa Castrodale

St. Louis Police Department Hopes to Thaw Community Relations by Handing Out Ice Cream

Dubbed “Operation Polar Cops,” (yeah, really), the SLPD added a new vehicle to its fleet last month: a blue and white ice cream truck to hand out free frozen treats at events throughout the city.
Gigen Mammoser

Why It's Unwise to Livestream Yourself Robbing an Ice Cream Truck

You're not exactly setting yourself up for a successful getaway, as two Utah teenagers recently learned when they Periscoped their <i>Robin Hood</i>-esque heist.
Hilary Pollack
Ice Cream

Artisanal Gelato and Climate Change Are Killing New York's Ice Cream Truck Mafia

Ice cream dons often have had the business in their family for decades, and everyone knows everyone else. There are two things you need to join the club—a mobile food permit and a list of good spots where you can sell—and both are almost impossible to...
Tove Danovich

This Photographer Turns Spongebob Ice Cream Bars into Beautiful Demons

Photographer Michael Massaia captures images of the puddles left behind by ice cream truck fare, transforming a cherry-flavored Hello Kitty bar into a moody, Rorschachian pastel ovum, or a friendly Spongebob Squarepants into a beautiful but demonic...
Hilary Pollack

Why Do Local Governments Want to Treat Ice Cream Men Like Criminals?

Thanks to American paranoia, many ice cream truck drivers are getting fingerprinted.
Charles Davis